My site including my blog has been down since Nov 23, thanks to DreamHost.

They have suddently cancelled my account without any prior notification or warning, because they think I live I Syria!!

Although I live, work, and study in the US; pay my taxes; have bank accounts here, credit cards, etc; deal with American companies on a daily basis; Dreamhost think I'm not allowed to use their services because of the sanctions against Syria. That's silly and outrageous. I repeatedly offered them to show any evidence they like that I'm a US person. They seem to be just ignoring me now.

They're just completely ignoring me and my requests to get back my data and domains. The day they cancelled they told me their support will help me retrieve my data and domains. I still got nothing from them after 6 weeks now. Were they lying? I need my data to restore my blog and my other site contents.

I'm going to be a little more patient before I hire a lawyer. I think it's stupid that I'll need a lawyer to get something so simple - my data and domains. But if they keep ignoring me then I'm left with no choice.

I think the way their handling this situation is terribly bad. I regret staying with them so long and recommending them to some friends before. Very disappointed.